Armenian Genocide Facts – What you do not know about its existence

The whole Turkish government, and its leaders, was responsible on the planning of expulsion of Armenians and their massacre in the year 1915. These nationals were seen residing in the Ottoman Empire during that time. While it is true that most Armenian Genocide facts vary, the same was also true with most reports stated, a tenfold of sources on the other hand would agree that there were almost 2 million of these Armenians from the Ottoman Empire who were brutally massacred. This served as the end of the deportation. These people were removed from the said country.

Today, there is a ton of historians in the place who would refer to the said event as genocide. This means the systematic campaign in order for the entire people to be exterminated. But then, the government of Turkey would not in any way acknowledge the scope and even enormity of the given events above. Armenians are not allowed to talk about the said era. This is also the same mandate to the social justice advocates who want equality in the world. This has been the reality of it for quite some time now.

The Ottoman Empire

It was the Armenian people who had to make their way home from the Caucasus region. This was from Eurasia from almost 3,000 years ago. At for most time, it was the Armenia kingdom that was perceived and seen as an independent entity. This was true during the start of the 4th century AD. This was also the instance when a nation turned for Christianity. This was even perceived as their official region. However, for most of the part though, the region was control. This shifted. This comes from one empire to that of the other. As for the 15th century though, it was the Armenia absorbing the Ottoman Empire.

Most of the Ottoman rulers around the place were also Muslim. This transpired because religious minorities were allowed on such period. This was synonymous to the Armenians, being allowed to maintain and have some sort of autonomy before their name. However, such would always be subject to the approval of the Armenians. They were viewed as infidels during this time. This was about unequal and unjust treatment. Christians during that time were asked to pay higher taxes all the time. This was true as compared to that of Muslims. For instance, few political and even legal rights were lied on such time.

Even if there are many obstacles during those times, most of the Armenian community had to thrive under the rule rolled out by the Ottoman. This was not surprising because they appeared to be wealthier and even educated during those instances. There was resentment here and there of course. This was even compounded by the various suspicions coming from the Christian Armenians. These people would be more loyal to their Christian governments than that of Russia. This had been observed. They would not submit themselves to the Ottoman caliphate, which turned out to be a problem.