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Some people are really interested about knowing the history of famous countries especially about America. The reason is it is one of the developed and leader nations around the world. Most of the people like to visit the US as trip or like to go there for official purpose. It let the guests to enjoy various things and they can easily earn more money in this country. It is full of all facilities and the people can live luxuriously in this country. Many of the Americans are curious to find out why the country is named as America and they can find out the answer by reading the amerigo Vespucci facts which are given here.

Who is Amerigo?

The Amerigo Vespucci was the inspiration to name the country as America. He was a Florentine navigator and an explorer. He had a prominent role in discovering the new world. He was born on March 9, 1451 in Florence. It is a small region in Italy and on May 10th 1497 he started his first Voyage from Italy. On his 3rd successful voyage he discovered the famous city called Rio De Janerio and he believed that he had discovered a new continent. He called that region as South America.

The interesting facts about Vespucci:

  • On 1507, the America was named after him and till now the country remains with the same name without changing it.
  • He was a third son of a farmer family and he was a naturalized citizen of Spain in 1505.
  • He received his early education from his paternal uncle, who was a Dominican friar and his name is Antonio Vespucci.
  • His one another uncle called Guido Antonio Vespucci, sent him to the trip to Paris. It waked up the enthrallment about exploration of new countries and travel.
  • He started his first journey from the Cadiz with some Spanish Ships. He had written something about it and mentioned that the ship was sailed through the West Indies.
  • The letter was controversial but if the detail of the letter is true then Vespucci had found the Venezuela a year before the Christopher Columbus.
  • They have completed their journey and returned to the Cadiz on October 1498.
  • Then he had various voyages and all ways about exploring new countries and continents.
  • In 1507, some scholars were working on creating the world map. The Martin Waldseemuler, one of the map authors proposed that the newly discovered part of Brazilian should be labeled as America. It is a feminine version of Amerigo.
  • The name was given to the country to honor the Amerigo Vespucci, who discovered it.
  • It is true that the Amerigo has discovered plenty of countries and he discovered the America before the Columbus did.
  • The Amerigo was died on February 22, 1512 due to Malaria.

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